Full Appraisal Service

Whether you have a few pieces or a museum-quality collection, having your collectibles fully itemized and appraised is essential. Iconic Memorabilia offers full service appraisals for collections of any size.

Our full appraisal service includes:
- A detailed spreadsheet with an itemized listing a expert descriptions of the piece
- A full replacement value based on the items current condition and market value
- A CD featuring high quality images of all items appraised
- We will come to your location to conduct the appraisal for large collections!

Is it worth having my collectibles appraised?
This is a great question. Nobody wants to spend money to find out an item is worthless. What's even worse though is finding out that something you gave away, or sold for a couple of dollars to clear out your basement or garage was quite valuable.

Virtually all of the items sent to us for appraisal have been worth far more than the fees incurred. If your item happens to be worth less than our fee there's no charge. Some items are unexpected surprises for our customers. Many items that we have appraised were just considered curiosities by their owners, none really had any idea of the item's value until they contacted us.

Full detailed appraisals from qualified experts are essential for insurance claims and estates. Let Iconic Memorabilia's vast wealth of knowledge and experience work for you!

Contact us today by calling: 800.325.7127 (ext. 705) or by filling out the form on the Consign With Us, Sell to Us or Want List Page and one of the representatives will follow up with you immediately.

Thank you!